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SARRAH's final quarterly progress report now available

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SARRAH provides funding and technical advice to partners working in the South African health system and the national response to HIV and AIDS. The main focus of the programme is support for the Ministry of Health's commitment to improving the health of all South Africans. SARRAH is funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and managed by HLSP, an international health agency. Read more ...


SARRAH supports national initiatives to strengthen health and HIV.

Key partners are

The programme supports civil society organisations, such as the Treatment Action Campaign, that monitor and advocate for expanding the HIV and AIDS response.

We are also supporting a parliamentary oversight committee on HIV and AIDS and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health.

SARRAH works alongside international development partners and multilateral organisations.


“We are gathered here this morning to witness yet another milestone in our country's efforts to improve the quality of life of its people, by enhancing their health.”

These were the words with which President Jacob Zuma launched the Ideal Clinic Realisation and Maintenance initiative. He was addressing a group of government and civil society partners at the Presidential Guest House in Pretoria on November 18.


The Ideal Clinic initiative aims to improve service delivery in primary health care clinics across the country. It is the second initiative launched under the Operation Phakisa programme, supported by officials from the Performance Management and Development Unit in Malaysia.
Since 2014 SARRAH has been supporting the developmental phase of the Ideal Clinics initiative. This has included assisting with a detailed assessment of the eleven selected clinics, facilitiating improvements to the clinics and the development of a dashboard to track the clinics' progress.
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